A vital part of our research is gathering opinions on books from readers across the UK and beyond. Contribute to our findings by taking part in our surveys, and letting us know what you like to read.

Big Book Review

We’ve recently launched our Big Book Review survey, which aims to be the largest ever review of attitudes towards contemporary fiction. You can review as many books as you like (including ones you haven’t read yet).

How many of the 400 books on our list have you read?

We’re also conducting surveys linked to our Novel Memories strand – how well do you remember books, and what happens when you re-read a novel?

Share your Novel Memories

Find out how novels live in our memories, and get recommendations for unforgettable books.

Novel Memories: Fiction revisited

Tell us about a novel you’ve recently re-read, and get recommendations for books you’ll want to read again.

The Novels Survey: Favourite Characters

From Jane Eyre to James Moriarty, who are your favourite literary characters?

As part of the The Novels That Shaped Our World, we’ve also designed 10 surveys based on the books chosen by the BBC panel. Review books that you’ve read in each of the project’s 10 themes, and let us know what else should have been included.

Review rule-breaking novels

…and get recommendations for books that broke the mould.

Review novels about Crime and Conflict

…and get recommendations for stories to set your pulse racing.

Review novels about Family & Friendship

…and get recommendations for novels about the relationships that make life worth living.

Review novels about Coming of Age

…and get recommendations for novels about finding our place in the world.

Review novels about Life, Death and Other Worlds

…and get recommendations for novels that are out of this world.

Review novels about Politics, Power & Protest

…and get recommendations for stories that inspire change.

Review novels about Class & Society

…and get recommendations for novels that explore how we live together.

Review novels about Adventure

…and get recommendations for ripping yarns.

Review novels about Love, Sex & Romance

…and get recommendations for romantic reads.

Review novels about Identity

…and get recommendations for books which explore who we are.