Project Team

Professor Sebastian Groes  is NOPE’s Principal Investigator.  Bas is Professor of English Literature at the University of Wolverhampton and Director of the Centre for Transnational and Transcultural Research

Professor Karina van Dalen-Oskam is Co-Investigator of NOPE. Karina is Head of Department of Literary Studies at the Huygens Institute, the Netherlands and Principal Investigator of ‘The Riddle of Literary Quality’. 

Dr Laurie Hanquinet is Co-investigator of NOPE. Laurie is Professor in Computational Sociology at Université Libre Bruxelles. 

Dr Tom Mercer is Co-investigator of NOPE.  Tom is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton.

Dr Aidan Byrne is Co-investigator of NOPE.  Aidan is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Lisanne van Rossum (Utrecht University, Huygens ING) is our research assistant.

Dr Folgert Karsdorp is a Postdoc at the Meertens Institute and contributes to our computational analyses.

Peter Harvey
 is our BBC liaison and helps us design our nQuire surveys.

Dr Nick Lavery is Web Administrator of The Memory Network. 

Olivia White is our NOPE Admin Support.

BBC Novel Recommendations Panel

Nicola Allen (Wolverhampton, UK)

Antonia Beck (Independent, UK)

Daisy Black (Wolverhampton, UK)

Peter Childs (Newman, UK)

Rudolph Glitz (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Bas Groes (Wolverhampton, UK)

Ruzy Hashim (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Nicole King (Goldsmith’s, UK)

Sarah Mears (Libraries Connected, UK)

Emma Parker (Leicester, UK)

Jackie Pieterick (Wolverhampton, UK)

Adam Roberts (Royal Holloway, UK)

Laura Salisbury (Essex, UK)

Ana-Karina Schneider (Sibiu, Romania)

Catherine Spooner (Lancaster, UK)

Jason Tougaw (City University, New York, USA)

Peter van der Zwaag (Bezige Bij Publisher, Netherlands)